24 Hours of LeMons - Button Turrible - Day 3

by Toni 6/22/2014 22:19

Not such a hectic rush today, because we know the K Car is out of it, but Chris still has three more cars in the race, so it's time to suit up and head back to Buttonwillow Raceway for today's action! Hit Back after viewing an image.

When I arrive at the pit area, Chris has the engine of the Corvattutu disassembled. Honestly, I don't know what he's doing, but I fetch tools as requested, and check on the other cars. The A-class #41 Honda Coupé is in fine shape; the Stickerubaru had a collision yesterday, but the damage to the rear right wheel assembly was fixed, and it ready to go ...

... and then, of course, there's the K Car, which seems to have sustained some additional damage while parked up overnight. DC Doug is one of the former 'owners' of the K Car, and it tried to kill him a few times, so it looks like he exacted some revenge in the wee hours.

The start of the race was delayed, due to one of the cars clipping a corner worker, breaking his leg and sending him to hospital. After the delay, the cars were lined up and the second day of racing was ready to begin.

To be honest, the two main things I remember about the rest of the race was that it was hot, and busy! The drivers did 45 minute stints for the most part, although Ryan did (I think) three back-to-back stints in the Stickerubaru, because he was enjoying himself a lot. Chris was even able to get out on the track for a stint in the Corvettutu, which was good - he'd been busy all weekend working on his cars, other people's cars, and generally captain-ing.

Towards the end of the day, one of the Honda Coupé drivers finally succumbed to the heat, and that left the last stint in the #41 open - so I took it! Wow! What a difference between this A-class car and the K Car yesterday - it had useful mirrors, amazing brakes, and plenty of power attached to the gas pedal - it was WAYYY more fun to drive than the K Car, right up to the point where I found myself at the end of the long straight, about to enter the sweeper, and with heavy traffic, and I locked up the brakes, skidding off the track onto the run off, and probably crunching a few cones in the process.

When the traffic had passed, the corner workers waved me on to the track, and I immediately made my way to the penalty box. Upon arrival, the Judge threw up his hands in mock frustration asking me why the heck I was in the penalty box with just ten minutes of the race left? I explained what I did, and he said, "Yep, you did that." But as this was only the second penalty for #41 for the day, and with just minutes to go, he let me back on the track. As the final laps went by, I kept whispering to myself approaching the finish line at the end of each lap "Checkered flag, please, checkered flag" until finally I saw it as I passed the podium. Success! :-)

After a cooling off lap, I pulled in, filed up with everyone else, and one thing that was cool was that as you enter the pit area, the Judges and organizers all shake your hand as you come in. I parked in the pit, and then finally realized the race was done, and I had driven in it! :-)

After a short period of time (it felt like) it was time to announce the winners and hand out some trophies. Unfortunately we didn't win anything (curse you K Car) but it was cool to see the teams who did come up in costume, and at least one team donated their winnings to Kenny, the corner worker who was hospitalized at the start of the day

At this point there were a number of cars to pack up and not a lot of time before the track closed, so I helped Ryan and Chris load up their respective trailers with cars, tools, parts, and all the other stuff that makes a racecar happen, and it was time to say goodbye. I had an absolute blast, and hope I get to take part in another 24 Hours of LeMons race in the not too distant future ...

P.S. One thing I learned on this trip that had never occurred to me before: when your diet for a weekend is 95% water and dyed sports drinks, you do tend to excrete some funny colours, if you know what I mean ...

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