24 Hours of LeMons - Button Turrible - Day 3

by Toni 6/22/2014 22:19
Not such a hectic rush today, because we know the K Car is out of it, but Chris still has three more cars in the race, so it's time to suit up and head back to Buttonwillow Raceway for today's action! [More]

24 Hours of LeMons - Button Turrible - Day 2

by Toni 6/21/2014 23:31
Didn't sleep all that well last night - partly because it's a dirt-cheap hotel, with a less than super-comfy bed and some noisy neighbours, and also due to some excitement (and anxiety) over what I'm about to do today: real wheel-to-wheel racing, on a real track, with a real car! [More]

24 Hours of LeMons - Button Turrible - Day 1

by Toni 6/20/2014 22:13
So we haven't really done much in the way of robot building lately, partly due to taking my Mum to Hawaii in January for her 60th birthday, and partly because we've been spending a bit of time racing online in Forza Motorsport 5, which we've been playing since November. A couple of months ago, we got to wondering whether all this time racing on the seat would translate into running a real racecar. The biggest issue, of course, is finding a racecar to drive, preferably without spending a million dollars starting a team. [More]

Building a Build Space

by Toni 8/4/2013 21:15
A while back Toni moved into this ranch-type house, and part of one of the garage had been sectioned off into a laundry room, so naturally the other part of the garage needed to become the new Build Space. Having finally found some free time and help, it was time to check a few things off the house's Inspection Report and while we're at it, get ready for building for Franklin 2013! [More]

Presenting Unlettered Understrapper 2.5 - Thresher Edition

by Toni 12/31/2011 23:37

Making a Start on Lauren's Ant

by Toni 12/31/2011 21:34

Working on the Cutest 'Bot in the Fleet

by Toni 12/30/2011 16:30

Keeping the Momentum Going

by Toni 12/29/2011 23:24

10 Hours of Effort!

by Toni 12/28/2011 22:00

More Beetle Chassis Work

by Toni 12/27/2011 21:55

Milling Out a Beetleweight Chassis

by Toni 12/26/2011 23:37

Obstinacy - Thy Name is Radicus

by Toni 12/19/2011 22:34

Beetle Weapon Check - OK!

by Toni 12/14/2011 22:31

Oh, For a Working Receiver and Some Shoe Goo ...

by Toni 11/13/2011 17:26

Custom Gearboxes for the Drumbot

by Toni 11/12/2011 22:23

One Down ... 'n' To Go

by Toni 11/6/2011 22:19

Redesigning a Beetleweight

by Toni 11/4/2011 20:14

Some Lunchtime Virtual Doodling

by Toni 10/31/2011 13:08

Thinking about Motorama 2012 ...

by Toni 10/25/2011 16:06

Motorama 2011 Report - Day Three

by Toni 2/20/2011 23:58

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