Redesigning a Beetleweight

by Toni 11/4/2011 20:14

Some Lunchtime Virtual Doodling

by Toni 10/31/2011 13:08

Thinking about Motorama 2012 ...

by Toni 10/25/2011 16:06

Omniwheels, Four-bar Lifters, and Unibody Chassis - Oh My!

by Toni 1/16/2011 13:57

A New Beetle Design

by Toni 1/14/2011 13:50

NN2 - Revenge of the Drumbot

by Toni 1/12/2011 13:46

FF1 30lb Design Renders

by Toni 1/7/2011 21:36

1lb Shell Spinner Design

by Toni 9/29/2010 16:42

12lb Drumbot Design

by Toni 9/23/2010 23:44

Initial 'Bot Designs

by Toni 9/16/2010 15:24

Here are some doodles from the past few days as we've been working through some ideas. These are the new 'bots were going to put together:

  • Fairyweight - 2WD with a spinning vertical disk, a la Nightmare.
  • Antweight - Full-body spinner.
  • Hobbyweight - A drum - what else??
  • Featherweight - Think Greenwave, but without the massive self-destruction ;-)
Not represented here are the Beetleweight "Hyperbolic Hoops" - an old design we never quite finished; or a 30lb Sportsman ... still very vapour! Hit Back after viewing an image.


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