24HoL - Doin' Time In Joliet - Day 2

by Toni 7/27/2014 02:39
Today's going to be a loooong day! I was woken up by car engines around 7am, abandoned the sleeping bag in favour of the fire suit, and wandered over to the track's café to get coffee for everyone. I'm definitely excited about racing today - it's going to be fun! [More]

24HoL - Doin' Time In Joliet - Day 1

by Toni 7/25/2014 22:16
'Yesterday' ended at 2:30am today, when I finally made it to my overnight stop in Arcola, Illinois. At 9am this morning I was back on the road headed to Joliet, IL, and the Autobahn Country Club, for my second 24 Hours of Lemons race! [More]

Because: Racecar!

by Toni 7/19/2014 18:33
After attending the Button Turrible race last month, we were hooked! We want to take a stab at running a racecar at the Gator-O-Rama race in Houston in November. Naturally this means we need to find a car, and so we'd been perusing Craig's List and eBay trying to find something to get started with. We found this beauty! [More]

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