Alone in a God-less Universe and Out of Cutting Fluid

by Toni 9/30/2010 23:01

Thanks Whyachians! :-)

by Toni 9/30/2010 14:51

1lb Shell Spinner Design

by Toni 9/29/2010 16:42

Couple More Handy Items

by Toni 9/28/2010 21:38

Xmas Part Deux!

by Toni 9/27/2010 22:34

Xmas Cones Early! And From Hong Kong!

by Toni 9/27/2010 16:30

Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?

by Toni 9/26/2010 23:26

Another Step Forward Beetle-wise

by Toni 9/25/2010 21:19

Making a Start on the Hobbyweight

by Toni 9/24/2010 22:17

12lb Drumbot Design

by Toni 9/23/2010 23:44

More Beetle Work

by Toni 9/22/2010 23:14

Working on the Beetle

by Toni 9/19/2010 23:09

Taking Inventory

by Toni 9/17/2010 23:03

Preparing the Build Space

by Toni 9/17/2010 12:56

Initial 'Bot Designs

by Toni 9/16/2010 15:24
Here are some doodles from the past few days as we've been working through some ideas. These are the new 'bots were going to put together ... [More]

New battery chargers have arrived

by Toni 9/16/2010 13:47
Cool ... the first items in our attempt to get re-equipped have shown up: two iCharger 106B+ battery chargers! Thanks to Pete Smith of Team Rolling Thunder for the product suggestion. [More]

Welcome [back] !

by Toni 9/15/2010 12:48
Welcome back to! We're pleased to be back online, but more pleased to be back into combat robotics, and looking forward to our first event in six years: NERC's Motorama 2011 in Harrisburg, PA. This site will record our design, build, test, and competiton efforts as we return to t... [More]

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This site contains records of our trials and tribulations in building combat robots. So much to learn, and so little time!